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The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska is a vital and valuable educational resource for our state and is recognized as a strong component of our state educational system.  Our center provides a highly successful on-site and distance learning environment unlike any other in Alaska.  We inspire students to study science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through a medium of space and earth sciences education.  Students are encouraged to pursue higher educational goals and opportunities that will better prepare them for success in a global 21st century workplace.  This highly developed and technologically advanced facility provides educational opportunities tailor-made to the geographical diversity of our state while meeting the statewide academic standards.

CLCA Simulations & STEM

New Program Highlights

Virtual Student Engagement

Challenger Learning Center of Alaska continues to develop programs that help teachers meet the needs of their students in an ever-changing world. We have put together a series of virtual programs, based on our award-winning Alaska Meets Bermuda program. This program brings a CLCA Flight Director virtually into your in-person or virtual classroom for a day workshop or a week academy, 1 1/2 hours a day. Through teamwork and collaboration, students explore a variety of topics and work together to brainstorm solutions and solve challenges using the materials we send.

These sessions are meant for up to 16 students per group to provide for the highest level of student interaction and engagement, but can be expanded somewhat for a whole class with a participating instructor.  There are several developed themes to choose from. If you’d like a custom experience we can build a program to best fit your needs! Custom programs will vary in price.

All workshops include hands-on activities and materials that explore the engineering design process. This material is based in part upon work supported by NASA through the Alaska Space Grant program (80NSSC20M0070).

Academy: $3,200/course +shipping **Reduced rate Jan & Feb, 2021 $2,200**+shipping

Workshop: $650 +shipping **Reduced rate Jan & Feb, 2021 $450**+shipping

***2021 Marathon Petroleum is Sponsoring 20 In-house Missions or Virtual programs, for 5th and 6th grade classes in the KPBSD. Download Scholarship Request Form

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5-Day Academies
  • Planetary Exploration – Students learn about our Sun and the planets that orbit it. Students will learn about each individual planet and explore the excitement and challenges of exploration through robotics. A closer look at two planets will go more in depth into the challenges of life on such an alien world.

  • Things that MOVE! – Explore the variety of forces that affect us in our daily life. Students will explore Newton’s Laws of Motion and Gravity, as they affect objects in flight and on water. Learn how we navigate from one point to another while working with teammates to control the motion in their own construct.

  • Moon, Mars and Beyond – Delve into NASA’s goal of returning a man and sending the first woman to the Moon, as their plans for the Artemis program extends our reach to Mars and beyond. Students will learn how to plan and provide for a livable habitat on the Moon and survive one of the greatest perils of space travel, radiation.

1-Day Workshops
  • Oil Spill Clean Up – Examine the environmental impact of an oil spill, and the challenges of recovering. Students team up as Environmental Engineers to develop a containment and recovery system.

  • Aeronautics– Using an old favorite of kids and adults everywhere, explore the forces that affect flight.

  • Stability– Explore the forces that affect stability in the water. Use your math skills to calculate a route across a body of water, determine weight requirements, and build a vessel that will carry you precious cargo to its new home.

  • Just Rolling Around– Learn about the forces of motion, friction and energy and put that information to use by building the slowest roller coaster ever made!

  • Our Solar System– Explore our planetary neighbors through hands-on activities that show the incredible beauty and scale of our solar system.

  • Navigating By the Stars– Learn about navigation on land and sea, using vector navigation, StarCharts and the old reliable Sextant.

  • Return to the Moon – Take a look back at the Apollo lunar landings and fast forward to NASA’s plans to return two astronauts, including the first woman, to the Moon. Explore the difficulties in landing on the Moon and plans for a long-term living and working environment.

We can also come to You!

STEM Delivered

If E-Missions are not your thing and you can’t come in for a Mission in our state-of-the-art simulator, don’t worry, we will come to you! The Challenger Learning Center offers a variety of STEM infused lessons including Robotics, Rocketry, Astronomy and Living in Space just to name a few. We will also customize programs to meet your schools needs. Our programs emphasize collaboration and critical thinking and encourage creativity and development of communication skills. We also offer a variety of team building challenges to build confidence, encourage leadership and build trust.

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