Our MISSION is educating and inspiring the workforce of today and tomorrow

Kenai AK

Simulated Space Missions, STEM Workshops, Camps, Virtual Classes, Coldwater and Land Survival, HUET Training, Team Building…

We are dedicated to Alaska’s STEM education and future generations in workforce development!

Donations, both corporate and individual along with program sponsorships are a vital and necessary element to our operation funding.


Challenger is all for fun, inspiration, and creative thinking through STEM. We are Alaska's center for educational programs to students of all ages, adults, businesses and all our great communities...

Learn About Us!

See what makes Alaska's Challenger special, meet the team and why we continue the mission of the iconic Challenger Shuttle...

Our Venue

Host your event in a beautiful space, throw a party, or sleep in our shuttle themed dorms...

Survival Training

We have a number of certified, commercial, recreational and youth survival trainings. Proudly supporting the training needs of our offshore work-force, local and state communities...  

Corporate Programs

Adults can have fun too! Bring your group to Challenger for team building, a simulated space mission or a retreat...

Recent Stories

Marnie Olcott, CEO and Suzanne Phillips, Director of Educational Operations, discussing appreciations of winning the Arthur C Clarke Award and the Program that won it.

Alise Arnold, from Eagle River, visited the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska and now is going to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, for Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics degree! Listen to her Interview with Merrill Sikorski.

CEO, Marnie Olcott talks about Alaska Challenger’s 20th Anniversary!

Caring for the Kenai, 2020 Winner Anna Devolld, a Connections Student, giving her thanks to the opportunities that opened up to her because of this program and the support of our community.


” Our 5th graders from Shaw Elementary in Wasilla visited for an overnight camp at CLCA and it was AMAZING! The minute we walked into the building they were swept away into their mission. It was so exciting seeing the kids jump right into collaborative working and problem solving. The CLCA was beautiful! Mission Control, the Shuttle room, and dorms were literally out of this world! Thank you for the great experience for our kiddos! “

Maija Fritts, April 20, 2019

Maija Fritts

“I used to go here for camps and fun activities as a kid! Currently I’m pursuing my Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics degree. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the fun things I got to do that helped inspire me to get me where I am today. I think back on the old memories and can’t help but smile ☺️”

-Alise Arnold, September 12, 2019

Alise Arnold, Former Student

“Thank you so much for providing my students with an amazing educational experience!  They had so much fun.  I look forward to visiting again.”

Ms. Crystal McMillan, Fairview Elementary Teacher

“I’ve been through this type of training (HUET training with CSET) six or seven times over the years- this was the best due to the quality instructors, helpers, ect., being allowed extra practice and coaching.”

John Minge, President of BP Exploration (Alaska)

“The many effective workshops, camps, and missions offered by the Challenger Center are not, however, it’s true magic.  Instead, CLCA’s greatest strength lies in its unique ability to inspire.  For students growing up in Alaska, where opportunity often seems far away, a class or mission with the Challenger Center brings the wonder of spaceflight within reach.”

Tess Caswell, former Challenger student and NASA Flight Controller for the International Space Station