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2023 STEM Academies

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Astronauts Alive! Summer Camp

Students entering 1st – 3rd Grade
July 24 – 28, 2023
Daily Drop-Off at 9am, Pick-Up at 3:30pm, (Friday pick-up at 1pm)
Parents bring bagged lunches

Astronauts Alive! Summer Camp, the week of July 24-28, 2023. We blast astronauts into space but how do they stay alive?! Campers will take the giant leap into space as they discover what tools, systems, and resources they need to continue to explore, work, and live in their new interstellar home.

Full or partial scholarships may be available. If needed, fill out an application and email it back.



Power Up! Summer Camp

Students entering 4th – 6th Grade
June 5 – 9, 2023
Day Camp $450
Parents bring bagged lunches
Day Camp, Daily Drop-Off at 9am, Pick-Up at 3:30pm, (Friday pick-up at 1pm)

Overnight Camp $650
Drop off Monday at 9am, Pick-up Friday at 1pm
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided
Parents will need to provide overnight supplies (i.e. toilettes, pillow, sleeping bag, list will be provided)

Power Up! Summer Camp, the week of June 5th-9th, 2023 will energize your children for learning and exploration! Activities are centered around learning important energy sources and transformations, such as petroleum, natural gas, geothermal, solar, and nuclear. Hands-on exploratory projects will uncover how our energy is consumed and conserved. Of course, as students get charged up, we can't leave out all the exploding energy that blasts humans into space and engineers the most robust robotics.

Full or partial scholarships may be available. If needed, fill out an application and email it back.




          From Alaska to Bermuda

         STEM Academies

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Starting in 2019, Challenger Learning Center of Alaska has enjoyed working with the Bermuda Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct multiple summer STEM Academies with students from Bermuda and Alaska together! In previous years Challenger has gone to Bermuda to deliver the camp and held it virtually, to middle school students. This program allows Challenger the opportunity to expand our mission to include other cultures in educating the workforce of tomorrow through a stimulating, hands-on, STEM curriculum.

The potential for this program is continually developing for the future, with a cultural exchange aspect that integrates Alaska and Bermuda students. The collaboration would not only allow Bermuda and Alaskan students an opportunity to build on each other ideas but to share cultural and environmental experiences. Project topics range from navigation and stability, motion and energy, cultural comparisons, coding, space, astronomy, meteorology, and more!

Summer 2020, Challenger received an Arthur C. Clark Award for Innovation in Education for the virtual Alaska meets Bermuda camp.  To read more visit the press release here. 

Please pay attention to the deadline to enter.

A committee will review the entries and make selections within two days after the deadline.

Accepted applicants will be notified by phone and email.

No Dates Available at This Time

Explore the wonders of physics, navigation, engineering, and astronomy right from your homes! During this week, Alaskan and Bermudian students will work together via ZOOM with a Challenger Flight Director. Camps will be 5 days long with classes 4 hours each day, including instructor time, team project time, presentations, and downtime to talk to the other students. The curriculum theme will focus on the latest NASA drive to establish a permanent, manned research station on the Moon, and to expand mankind’s presence to Mars and beyond. Hands-on projects students will be making involves revealing and solving challenges in colonizing other planets and continued deep-space exploration.  Guest speakers from NASA will also make appearances throughout the week! All materials needed to make the assignments will be provided. Alaska students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and Bermuda students in M1, M2, and M3.

Space is limited! Only 8 Bermuda spots and 8 Alaska spots available!
*Internet/Wifi connection and phone/tablet are required to participate 

Bermudians: Bermuda Department of Energy is offering full scholarships to 8 Bermuda Students.

Alaskans: Contact Us

Students will submit a video introducing themselves and explaining their interest in the camp. They must articulate in a creative, passionate way, why they should be chosen to attend the camp, their desire to participate, and their commitment to completing the work. Videos should be kept to two minutes and students must clearly state their name and if they are from Alaska or Bermuda at the beginning of their video. Videos can be shot with a phone, tablet, computer, or camera. Entries need to be uploaded with the link provided in the application form below.  

Camps have limited space and approvals are based on a Video submission entry preferred, or a written statement from the student in the comments section. Fill Out a registration form for each child you wish to enter into the camp. You will be asked to specify the date you prefer in your application below. A detailed packet will be emailed to you regarding confirmation, instructions, and camp details. **By filling out this form it is not guaranteeing your child a spot in the camp.

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Bermuda Ministry of Home Affairs

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Challenger Virtual Summer Academy!

We currently have no virtual camps scheduled,
but you may call us to create a custom virtual camp for your group!

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