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Corporate Pulsar Platinum ($25,000+)

  • Special acknowledgement post on our CLCA website.
  • A link to your business website and logo posted on our CLCA website.
  • Your business name mentioned in any PR emails or radio.
  • Your business name mentioned as a PLATINUM sponsor on our program webpage.
  • Your business logo 1”x1” on All marketing and program materials and business name listed in title as sponsored by.

Corporate Galactic Gold ($10,000)

  • Your business name and logo mentioned as a SILVER sponsor on our CLCA program webpage.
  • Your business name mentioned on any PR emails, or radio.
  • Your business logo ½”x½” on printed program materials.
  • Your business logo ½”x½” on marketing materials.



Corporate Solar Silver ($5,000)

  • Your business name listed on our CLCA camp webpage as a BRONZE sponsor.
  •  Your business logo ¼”x¼” on printed program materials.
  • Your business logo ¼”x ¼” on marketing materials.

Corporate Borealis Bronze ($2,500)

  • Your business name listed on our CLCA camp webpage as a sponsor.
  • Your business logo ¼”x¼” on printed program materials.

The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska is a vital and valuable educational resource for our state and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence.  CLCA is in a position to be the leading resource in STEM education for Alaska’s educators and home school organizations with comprehensive curriculum aligned with state standards and grade level expectations, combined with training, reference materials, and classroom support. Creating educational pathways and improving training for needed career fields for future Alaskan generations is our main goal.

Our operations are funded through earned revenue from our educational programs, community programs, facility rentals and training operations. Donations, both corporate and individual along with program sponsorships are a vital and necessary element to operations funding. It is not usual we receive funding from federal, state, borough, or city sources for operational costs; this is to include allocated school district funds.

Together we are strengthening workforce development in Alaska by delivering practical, high-fidelity activities to Alaskans and inspiring students to pursue higher education and careers within STEM fields.

Give a Little, Help a lot!

Year round you can head to our Facebook and Click the Big Blue DONATE Button!


How The Mission Continues

Challenger actively pursues competitive grants and welcomes the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations in the pursuit of projects designed to further our mission of inspiring youth in the pursuit of higher education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

What non-profit is complete without at least one annual fundraiser?  Here at the Challenger even fundraising is connected to hands-on learning and our infamous Geocache Rally was developed to showcase what we do and a chance to experience a small portion of how we work with students and trainees.  More about the Geocache Rally

Thank You to our Corporate Sponsors!

Year after year, Marathon Petroleum has supported The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska, by continuing to be a Platinum Sponsor. Their dedication to our program’s mission has successfully allowed hundreds of students to participate in simulated Mars missions; developing team work, problem solving, research and math skills and building interests in multiple STEM careers.  We thank Marathon Petroleum for the undeniable difference they make in these children’s lives and in our community.


Contact us if you’d like to know how else you can be apart of the Challenger Center!

Other Ways to Give

You Shop, They Give!

Psssttt…. these donations don’t actually cost you any more money, just a few moments of your time! You shop, swipe your membership card and the store donates to US!