Corporate Programs

YES, Challenger is for Adults too!
In today’s business environment, the most valuable asset to a company is its employees.  Their training and motivation are the keys to success.  Teamwork, responsibility, loyalty, trust, and respect are the cornerstones of a successful work environment.  Challenger Learning Center is pleased to present a variety of unique and out-of-this world options for corporations to promote these values in their workforce.  Whether uniting a new team of people for the first time, or bringing a seasoned team closer together, our programs will have a positive impact!   They are about interpreting data, drawing conclusions, solving problems creatively, working together as a team, and communicating quickly and clearly, even in a stressful environment!
You can do a simulated mission in our mission control and space craft, a STEM based workshop, fun team building exercises or we can create a custom program for you and your team based on what you think they’d like.

Create your custom Challenger Visit for your:

Retreats – Stay in our space dorms

Team Building

Learning Development Days

Special Celebrations…and much more!

Corporate Team Building

Clean those cobwebs and get your teams’ brains moving and grooving in a day of fun and skill-building! Yes, they can co-exist! With Challenger Flight Director Lead activities your staff will have to communicate and work together to solve physical hands-on problems. It will be a day of laughs that they will always remember!

(up to 20 participants)

4 hour session, $7,875 includes beverage service

8 hour session, $13,125 includes beverage service

The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska offer students the next best thing to actual space flight with a Mission Control room designed after NASA Johnson Space Center and an orbiting space station. The Missions’ Commander and Flight Director direct our mission specialists in the orientation room where they are given an overview of the mission as well as their crew assignments.  A minimum of 14 and up to 32 students will be divided between Mission Control and the Space Craft.  Following mid-brief, crew members will switch so each student experiences both Mission Control and the Space Craft.


Expedition Mars

The year is 2076. Humans have solved some of the larger problems associated with a long term Mars mission, including radiation exposure and landing large payloads safely on the surface.  A handful of facilities have been established on the Martian surface including a Greenhouse, a mobile geo survey base, and a centralized research habitat.  The primary human habitat within the Mars system is not on Mars itself, but located approximately 9376 km away on its moon, Phobos.  This tiny moon provides an excellent location for a permanent base to continue studying Mars.

A large shuttle regularly ferries astronauts and scientists between the base on Phobos and the surface of Mars.  This shuttle, or Mars Transport Vehicle (MTV), serves as the spacecraft for the mission.  The MTV carries parts to build a ROV for hydrological exploration and it also carries one unmanned drone aircraft which can carry the ROV to a survey destination. However, when crew members discover a threat to their MTV base, they must act quickly to save their crew and their station.

The two groups will have to work together to accomplish their mission goals: to search for evidence of life on Mars, whether fossil or living, to search for evidence of water, and to keep everyone safe. Using teamwork and creative problem solving, the crew will be able to continue their research on our neighbor planet.

Lunar Quest 

Two teams set out for the moon to help with the expansion of Moonbase Alpha. Together they must navigate through space, to the moon and choose a suitable location for mining resources needed for the expansion of lunar research. However, scouting locations is dangerous and the choices the crews will need to make impact not only the success of their mission, but also the health and safety of each other.

Earth Odyssey

A recent coronal mass ejection has destroyed a vital space satellite responsible for gathering key Earth science information. Working together, the team at Mission Control and another aboard the Space Station, must build a new micro satellite to replace the one lost.  However, traveling into orbit during this time of increased solar activity poses risks of its own.

Have a big meeting coming up? Training, holiday party… that you need a space for? You can rent our facility spaces too, including a full commercial kitchen!