eMissions are simulated, problem-based, learning adventures delivered right into the classroom via distance learning technology.  With the use of the internet and video conferencing equipment, these “live” scenarios are conducted in your classroom by a Flight Director at Mission Control from the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska.  The eMission is a student-centered, team-based interactive educational experience that uses scientifically accurate data to solve problems.  Participating classes assemble as emergency response teams and then connect via technology to the Flight Director at Mission Control.  All teams work together with Mission Control to handle the problem situation as the scenario unfolds.  Every few minutes, new data is received in the classroom via satellite.  Teams will then use this data to perform calculations, create graphs, and assess the situation.  The expert teams will then update Mission Control and make recommendations based on their analysis.

The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska provides all the necessary components for each participating class to have a successful mission.  Each mission provided by Challenger includes a wealth of mission preparation lessons all aligned with state standards and grade level expectations.  Teachers will have the option of applying every mission prep lesson to their classroom or to simply select three essential lessons if time is a limiting factor.  Furthermore, Challenger will provide a live video conference(s) to each classroom as they prepare for the big mission.
eMissions:   2.5 hours
Discounted School/Class Rate: $500
The eMissions we offer are:
Moon, Mars, and Beyond for Grades 3-5
Operation Montserrat for Grades 6-8
Technology Requirements:
  • 3-5 Computers with internet access (number will vary depending on class size)
  • Webcams with projector, Polycom or access to Skype/google hangouts.
  • Webcams are available for use from the Challenger Learning Center of Alaska for use during e-Missions, if needed. Check with your school district for availability.

eMissions are great for any community groups!


We will come to you! The Challenger Learning Center offers a variety of STEM infused lessons including Robotics, Rocketry, Astronomy and Living in Space just to name a few. We will also customize programs to meet your schools needs. Our programs emphasize collaboration and critical thinking and encourage creativity and development of communication skills. We also offer a variety of team building challenges to build confidence, encourage leadership and build trust.

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