Growing up Safe

Our kids are our future, whether we’re preparing them for the zombie apocalypse or teaching them to respect the often harsh environment we live and play in; CSET believes that proactive training at an early age sets the foundation for a better prepared society.  We custom tailor our youth programs to introduce and ingrain safety, survival, and awareness into our everyday lives.

We start them early with KDF (Kids Don’t Float) programs offered in conjunction with the State of Alaska Office of Boating Safety to set them on the right path for proper water safety and survival training.  It doesn’t stop there.  Alaska State law only requires mandatory life jacket (PFD) usage for those under 13 years of age; it all too often gives a false sense of security for our teenagers and adults that we can survive in cold water without a PFD and therefore aren’t required to wear one.  How can we expect our kids and teenagers to wear one if we don’t?  Set an example that all people, all the time need to wear PFDs.  CSET takes this initial training to the next level, offering both advanced cold water and tundra style survival training.  The right mind set, which can be developed from training at an early age, can make the difference in survival situations.

Kids Don’t Float (KDF)


Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in Alaska. From 1980-1994, 100 children age 14 and under died in drowning accidents. Kid’s Don’t Float, a statewide injury prevention program, was developed to address Alaska’s high child and youth drowning rate. A collaborative effort between several state and federal agencies, organizations, and local grass-roots sponsors, KDF includes both a life jacket loaner station component and an educational component.  Soon to include a water survival practical session.

Cold Weather Wilderness Survival (CWWS)


Land-based survival knowledge and skills to successfully apply priorities to aid in increasing survival time in the wilderness and maximize your own chances for self-rescue or rescue by search and rescue providers.

Cold Water Survival (CWSY)


Let’s kick it up a notch… chances are your children have a ready participated in at least one Kids Don’t Float program.  Wearing a life jacket is the single most important aspect of water survival.  We need continued refresher training to prepare our youth in the event of a cold water immersion.  Think you can survive in cold water if you are 13 or older for any length of time immersed in cold water without a PFD?  You can’t…  Alaska’s water temps will take your breath away, deplete your energy, and prevent clear thinking faster than it took you to “fall in “ in the first place.  Beyond a properly fit and approved PFD, we’ll teach water survival formations, energy conservation, life raft usage, signaling, and more as well as preventative measures to keep you out of the water.