Be Safe Out There

Whether you’re taking that epic scenic tour with an air or water charter or perhaps piloting yourself, you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario.   Alaska offers beautiful and rugged, yet often unforgiving territory.  Proper training and equipment can make the difference between coming home or not.  CSET offers courses in Aircraft Ditching, Boating Safety, and Cold Water Survival geared towards your recreational activities to better equip you in the event of an on or over water emergency.  Courses can be combined and customized to suit your needs.

Water Wise Boating Safety (WWSR)


An entry level boating course that presents a variety of boating topics that foster safe operation of boats in compliance with Alaska’s boating laws.  A unique feature of the course is that it addresses Alaska-specific issues such as cold water and remote locations.  This course is often supplemented with Close Quarters Boat Maneuvering Practical Training.

Cold Water Survival (CWSR)


Alaska has approximately 3000 rivers, over 3,000,000 lakes, and over 34,000 miles of coastline.  Chances are if we’re recreating… it’s on or near water.  If your weekend/free time involves swimming, power boating, fishing, hunting or paddling you may already be in danger.  Wear a life jacket, just because Alaska state law doesn’t require those 13 and older to use one doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea.  Parents set good examples for PFD usage, make sure everyone, all the time, is wearing a properly fitted and approved life jacket.  Alaska has one of the highest boating fatality rates in the nation.  Prepare yourself and your family with a recreational cold water survival program, available at CSET.

Fixed-Wing Ditching


The aim of this course is to provide pilots, crew, and passengers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully abandon a ditched airplane and egress from an inverted airplane in cold-water environments.