Train in Alaska for Alaska

Our commitment to high-fidelity training utilizing the only METS™ unit on the west coast in tandem with continuing education for our trainers and a finger on the pulse of industry standards.  This ensures a better chance of survival during an emergency; whether it’s an aircraft ditched in coastal waters, vessel abandonment in the open ocean, or an accidental cold-water submersion.  We teach you the skills you need to to perform surface abandonment, underwater egress, and to survive in an inhospitable environment, land and sea, with limited resources until rescue.  Our experienced, professional, and straight-forward staff works with individual trainees regardless of previous experience.

With today’s “Zero Tolerance” safety society, comes the demand for critical safety training.   If your job requires working on or over water or if it is strictly tundra based, CSET has a safety training course to fit your needs.  For our offshore platform workers and support vessel fleet we offer both HUET and water survival courses that meet and exceed your company standards.  If the tundra life style suits you best, we have survival courses for that, too.  For our commercial fisherman, we offer mandatory drill conductor training to better prepare our fleet at sea.  CSET can combine and customize courses based on your safety protocol.