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Alaska on Alert

An earthquake in the Pacific Ocean has triggered a tsunami wave headed for the Alaskan coast. Separated into a Tsunami team, Earthquake team, Evacuation team, and Communication team, the Emergency Response Crew manages the situation, providing key information and updates to coordinate the evacuation efforts of the town they deem to be in the most danger. Utilizing math, science, map reading, research, problem solving, and communication skills, the four teams provide Challenger Mission Control with recommendations for securing the safety of the coastal residents. Please note that students complete this distance learning mission in their own classroom, with CLCA staff commanding over a live video feed.
The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska provides all the necessary components for each participating class to have a successful mission.  Each distance learning mission provided by CLCA includes a wealth of mission preparation lessons all aligned with state standards and grade level expectations.  Teachers are encouraged to complete every pre-mission lesson in their classroom but if time is a limiting factor there are four essential lessons.
Technology Requirements:
  • 5 or more computers with internet access (number will vary depending on class size)
  • Webcam

Pre Mission Curriculum

Mission Materials

A special thanks to Alaska on Alert’s sponsors!

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