Been waiting to sign your child up for a Challenger simulated mission? We now offer two new missions that are 100% virtual! This is the last call to sign up for these open enrollments!
Registration for Destination Mars and Destination Moon virtual simulated missions will close on April 12th- don’t miss your chance to join in on the excitement!

Students are challenged throughout the program, with realistic mission control assignments they must complete with their virtual team members to assess things like what is the safest location for launch or to determine the best location to land a rover. Using real-life scenarios and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills, combined with being on a graphic and responsive simulation program, the virtual missions create an inviting environment for students to gain confidence and interest in STEM topics. Register now at http://www.akchallenger.org/individualstudents and click on the Virtual Programs tab. We are excited to be able to reach more students around Alaska that have not had a chance to come to Kenai for programming.

Both virtual missions are simulated stories, administered online, in real-time by a Challenger Flight Director. These programs feature group collaboration while allowing the students to log in from anywhere.

Destination Mars is for grades 3rd – 6th, April 15th, 1 hour from 9:30 am -10:30 am, via an online program portal. 
Destination Moon is for grades 7th – 8th, April 14th, 2 hours from 9:30 am – 11:30 pm, via an online program portal.
The cost is $50 for Destination Mars and $100 for Destination Moon plus material shipping. We can also direct bill your homeschool vendor.

See you soon!
Challenger Learning Center of Alaska

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